FTA2z.com is excited to announce that we now have in stock the latest additions of the SonicView product line!

The Sonicview 8000 v2 HD PVR introduces a built-in ATSC Off-Air HDTV tuner. Record your favorite shows on either a USB Flash Drive or external USB 2.0 Hard Drive in MPEG format. Recordings can easily be burnt onto DVD or other Storage Media.





    ATSC (VSB) Tuner (Samsung NIM)

    QPSK Tuner (Sharp NIM)

    RS232C, 3 RCA Output for CVBS Video, Audio L/R, 3 RCA Output for Composite
    ( Y,Pb,Pr), S-VHS Output, SPDIF Digital Audio AC3 Bitstream Output, HDTV Output

    Fully Comply with ATSC HDTV (VSB) & DVB-S MPEG 2

    Decodes All ATSC HDTV Standard Video Formats Including 576i / 576p / 720p / 1080i

    Down - convert HDTV to SDTV

    Selectable Output Video Format : 1080i / 720p / 480p / 480i

    2 Tuners : ATSC Tuner (Sharp,NIM Type) & QPSK (Samsung, NIM Type)

    USB 2.0 PVR Function Supported : 1 Channel Record & Play with an external HDD

    EPG Supported, Channel Naming Supported

    Full Colors & User Friendly GUI for Easy Control

    Super-Fast Channel Changing: Less than 1 Sec.

    6,000 Channels Memory Capacity for TV & Radio Programs

    Channel Sorting by FTA, CAS, Satellite, Alphabetic Order & Network

    Zoom In-Out Function for Watching Screen

    Various Aspect Ratio with4:3, Letter Box, Full Screen & 16:9

    Background Graphic Display for Radio Program Channels

    Parental Lock Function using Master PIN Code

    Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and Simple Video Converter (NTSC <-> PAL)

    Blue VFD Display : 9 Character 1 Line

    Real Time Clock

    Low Power Consumption Supported : Less Than 5 W in Stand-By Mode

    DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS / 22KHz Switching Control Supported

    HDTV Output Connector

    S/PDIF for Digital Audio AC-3 Bitstream Output

    S-VHS Output Connector

    Component Output with 3 RCA Jacks : Y, Pb, Pr

    3 RCA Jacks for CVBS Video & Audio L/R Output

    RS232C 9-PIN Connector : Twisted Cable

    PC to Set S/W Downloading using Window based Specific Program

    Set to Set S/W Downloading (Main Program & Channel List Data File)

    Useful Luminous Universal Remote Control Unit