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Store Policies

What is FTA2Z's shipping policy? top

Please view our complete shipping policy by clicking the following link: shipping policy


Do you ship outside the U.S.? top

Yes. We ship worldwide. Outside the U.S. your location will be calculated using FedEx rates. For international orders please contact us for a shipping quote before placing your order.


Do you include free shipping? top

Yes. Shipping is free on orders over $100.00 anywhere in the continental U.S.
Including Alaska & Puerto Rico.

What is FTA2Z's return policy? top

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What is FTA2Z's security policy? top

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What is FTA2Z's privacy policy? top

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What if I dont see the product I'm looking for? top

If you dont see what you're looking for please contact us and we'll get it for you.





General Free to Air Questions

What is FTA satellite? top

Asia and the Pacific Rim were the first places in which MPEG-2 Free-To-Air reception was used on a large scale. The difference between those markets and America was that prior to the mid 90s, it took literally huge antennas to get a few dozen channels...making TV reception of many channels an impossible dream. MPEG-2 technology was a breakthrough that allowed great reductions in per-channel transmission costs. Mass consumers in those regions never had the chance to spend lots of money on more costly analog equipment. Their first exposure to satellite TV was more often than not in a digital format. Technology has taken a 15 to 20 year learning curve of various stages of analog receivers prior to going to digital.

So the Asia-Pacific market was a test bed on how to get it right, with costs coming down due to companies from the Far East trying to compete for the huge mainland Chinese market, then America. 


Are these FTA receivers legal? top

Yes. These mpeg2 digital channels are transmitted “in the clear” and not encrypted for the public to view free of charge.


What hardware do I need to watch FTA free TV channels in the continental U.S? top

Your satellite dish needs to be at least 22 inches, the correct LNB (this is the amplifier attached to the arm that extends from the dish), and an FTA satellite receiver.


Why are there no monthly bills for all of these free channels? Will I receive a bill? top

Free-to-air means exactly that, all channels are free and no monthly bill!! You pay only for the initial equipment, and if you choose, a professional installer can setup the dish for you.


Can I receive premium channels from Dish Network and Directv? top

These channels are subscription and require service from the provider only. Any software modifications with your FTA receiver to receive premium channels, may void your warranty.


How long will FTA channels be available for free? top

An FTA channel may become scrambled and not available any time. Everyday, there are more free channels added and fewer removed.


What about the landlord? Can I install a dish at my rental house or apartment? top

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows installation of dishes up to 40” in diameter. By law, Landlords may not discriminate against tenants installing a satellite dish of this size. You may install the dish on your patio or balcony with a stand that may be purchased from your local hardware store or RV dealer.


How do I find a satellite? top

You can find your satellite by clicking here and following the instructions.



Support Questions

Do I need to program my FTA satellite receiver to watch free channels? top

Your receiver will be delivered pre-programmed with all satellites to watch FTA channels. In the setup menu, select the satellite for the channels you are interested in. If you have questions, simply go to our online forum to finish up or contact us directly. Your receiver master password is 0000.


Will A Dish Network satellite Dish Work? top

Yes, the standard 20" Dish 500 and LNB will work just fine. This will allow you to receive many popular Canadian and U.S. satellites.


Will My 18-Inch Directv dish work? top

Yes, you can use any standard 18" round dish. You will be able to receive many popular U.S. and Canadian satellites. The oval legacy “Phase 3” dish will also work.


Can I use My Big C-band Dish? top

Yes, all receivers will receive C- band / Ku band digital signals. Simply add a C/Ku feedhorn if you don’t already have one.


How do I connect Two Receivers? top

You will need a dual (two output) LNB and Two cables from the dish, directly to the two receivers without any connections in between.


What is an LNB? top

The LNB, or Low Noise Block, is the amplifier in front of the dish, which receives audio/video signals from the satellite 22,300 miles away in space.


When do I need A Dual (two outputs) LNB? top

A dual LNB will allow you to view different satellite channels in two locations. A Quad LNB will allow you to view different satellite channels in four locations.




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